Brightech LTSPNBK

August 2017 Benjamin User Reviews

Total Score: 9.0

Quality Score: 10

Warranty Score: 8

Value Score: 7

At the time of review this product was priced at $69.99. This item got one of our maximum-score ratings. Excellent.

Highly recommend it. According to user reviews, it is priced well. Good value. Noted for its excellent quality of light, the litespan by Brightech makes a sturdy addition to bedroom lighting.

A adaptable gooseneck design lets you pivot the lamp however you need it, with its weighted base holding it steady. Bounce light off the wall & ceiling; it will stay focused on where you move the lamp head. The litespan gives full spectrum daylight hues, brightening even rooms that have minimal sun exposure. With built-in power-saving 12-watt leds that last for 20 years / 50, 000 hours, litespan provides your space the illumination you motivation for intricate craftwork like knitting as well as sewing, as well as it's great for reading musical notes as you play an instrument.

Led light brings out the brilliance of colors to eliminate eyestrain. Best of all, it's a fully dimmable floor lamp. Just press and hold the button on the lamp head to vary the intensity. When you've reached your sweet spot, let go.

The lamp even remembers your choice for the next time you turn it on. Easy to find in the dark, the light switch stays lit as a mini-night light with a soft, unobtrusive amber glow. The litespan provides you bright white light where you motivation it, but because it's an led lamp, it does not deliver heat; it will never overheat the room where you're reading or working. In addition, the led never has to be replaced because it is expected to last over 20 years.

Because the mini led bulbs of the integrated fixture are behind a plastic diffuser, the litespan is not recommended for stimulating the growth of plants. The dimensions of the light cover are 7½ in. Long by 5 in. Wide. The 2-prong power plug works only with regular 110-volt outlets; the plug won't fit into 240-volt outlets. Easy assembly takes 5 minutes. A step-by-step diagram shows you how to arrange the 3 pole sections, base and lamp fixture. Slowly turn the poles clockwise and you'll motivation a phillips screwdriver to align the final pole with the sturdy base. Full spectrum focus light: with a 6, 000-kelvin color temperature, this led floor lamp makes your reading as well as intricate craftwork much easier to see. It produces a crisp white light with no traces of blue or yellow and no flickering. Adjustable gooseneck lets you pivot lamp head up or down or side-to-side above a variety of hobbies or tasks from beading and crocheting to jigsaw puzzles. Heavy base prevents lamp from tipping above no matter what perspective the neck is in, never replace a burnt-out bulb: integrated in the fixture and covered with a plastic diffuser, this light never has to be replaced and will last above 20 years. Not compatible with wall switches or timers. Because it's led, it won't generate heat; it stays cool to the touch even following hours of use. Height: 48 in. Tall at a 90-degree position, 61 in. Fully extended. Base: 10-1/2 by nine in. W x d, approximately three in. Thick. Head: 9-1/2 by 5-3/4 by 1-3/4 in. H x w x d. Weight: ten lbs cord: six ft, innovative dimming feature softens brightness: hold. Customers described this product as: "Awesome product. Works great. Great price! " This product may qualify for free shipping on eBay.

Additional Product Information

List Price: $120.00

Sale Price: $69.99

UPC: 853799005417

EAN: 0853799005417


Manufacturer: Brightech

Brand: Brightech


Part Number: LTSPNBK

Product Type: Home Lighting And Lamps

Product Group: Home Improvement


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