Floor Lamp Novelty Glass and Metal , 110-120V

May 2017 Lucas User Reviews

Total Score: 8.0

Quality Score: 8

Warranty Score: 8

Value Score: 8

At the time of review this product was priced at $376.99. This YMHM is truly an awesome product. Top quality.

2inch, overall width:35cm 14inch, overall le. Can't go wrong with it.

Not a bad value for the price. Type:floor lamps, style:modern / comtemporary, finish:painting, switch type:on / off switch, power supply:ac powered, light direction:ambient light, overall height:158cm 63. Please choose the exact voltage, if the lamp is not a damp-proof lamp, please stay away from water, do not frequently switched, if the light is on for a long time, do not touch it with hands, if you have any questions, please contact us. Users described this product as: "Can't beat the price-quality and a great price!"

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Additional Product Information

Sale Price: $376.99

EAN: 6210004783128


Manufacturer: YMHM

Brand: YMHM

Part Number: 6210004783128

Product Type: Light Source

Product Group: Lighting


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