Church Floor Pedestal

June 2017 Lucas User Reviews

Total Score: 8.7

Quality Score: 8

Warranty Score: 8

Value Score: 10

Price at the time of review was $795.00. This Religious Supply received one of our best ratings. 5"diameter 11"dark oak optional.

The best value. Top quality.

Church floor pedestal. K759. Religious supply center. Can't go wrong with it.

Fixed pedestalbrass as well as oakhighly polished as well as lacqueredheight 36"base 10. Many people who bought this product thought: "No complaints at all. " This product may qualify for free shipping on eBay.

Additional Product Information

List Price: $795.00

Sale Price: $795.00


Manufacturer: Religious Supply

Brand: Religious Supply

Part Number: K759

Product Type: Home

Product Group: Home


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