Floor Sanctuary Lamp - 48

June 2017 Abigail User Reviews

Total Score: 8.7

Quality Score: 8

Warranty Score: 5

Value Score: 10

Price at the time of review was $1395.00. This Religious Supply received one of our best ratings. 44ssl14-b.

The floor sanctuary lamp comes in 2 heights: 44" or 48" please specify as well as has a base of 12" x 12. The best value.

Floor sanctuary lamp. The globe is sold separately for $80 each. Top quality. Floor sanctuary lamp - 48.

This beautiful floor sanctuary lamp is built of cast bronze with a combination of satin as well as high polish finish. Religious supply center. Can't go wrong with it. Many people who bought this product thought: "Love the build quality of this product. I'm sure it will last a long time."

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Additional Product Information

List Price: $1395.00

Sale Price: $1395.00


Manufacturer: Religious Supply

Brand: Religious Supply

Part Number: 44SSL14-B

Product Type: Home

Product Group: Home


religious supply floor sanctuary lamp hanging satin high polish altar